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Juliet LeverHi, I’m Juliet,

Thank you for taking the time to read my story.

If you had met me 3 years ago, you would have met a completely different woman!

I was a stressed out workaholic, chocaholic, shopaholic and alcoholic. I had severe anxiety, and to cope I would distract myself from my feelings, and on the surface I made it seem like everything was fine. I had built my life based on everything I thought would make me happy… a successful job, marriage, a nice house and car. Deep down, I was lost.

As a result of a huge spiritual awakening and going on my own personal transformation I am now living a life that reflects living a life of my highest potential.

Literally, every day gets better than the last!

But it wasn’t an easy path.

It was lonely, confusing and scary at times.

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Now I guide women all over the world (I have clients in Europe, Canada, US and Australia) how to relaunch their lives, let go of the past, find themselves again and create a new life from the inside out.

I specialise in working with women who want to make a difference in the world and have big dreams but just don’t know how to get them out in the world.

The principles I work with and the content of my events, one on one mentoring and online program are all based on the modalities of healing that helped me on my path.

I am able to offer you a unique combination of an extensive corporate background paired with intuitive and spiritual practices which allows you to dig deep into your heart and soul to find the treasure and strength inside you waiting to be brought out into the world.

My highest values are honesty, connection, personal growth and adventure and so I love helping women discover, heal, trust and explore their true selves in all aspects of life. I recently hosted a Relaunch My Life retreat in Bali and the transformations of the women who came to this were phenomenal.

My qualifications include a Bachelor of Metaphysics from the University of Sedona, Licenced Heartmath Resiliency Coach, NLP/Timeline Therapy Practitioner, Certified Hypnotherapist, Certified Yoga Teacher, Reiki & Seichim Master, Karuna Level 1 Healer, Diploma of Business Management and a Diploma of Finance & Mortgage Broking.

I look forward to walking alongside you on this journey and remember, it’s never too late to relaunch your life.

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Lots of love,
Juliet Lever



This review is long overdue! I loved every minute of working with Juliet! Juliet created space for me to create dreams even bigger than I could have initially anticipated as well as providing practical advice and support on where to start! Juliet is a bright light in this world and I cannot recommend her services highly enough! Big Love

– Bess Watts, Australia


Juliet is a breath of fresh air. I highly recommend the 12 week program to anyone who is ready to relaunch their life. She’ll speak straight to your heart and gently help you find what you seek. It takes someone highly in tune and aware and Juliet is all that and more.

– Lama Shona, Owner, Pera Yoga


I actually find it hard to describe with words how amazing of a journey it has been working with Juliet. Her aura, energy, kindness and understanding makes you fell safe and willing to learn, grow and develop yourself.
She is a true angel and will help you find your wings.

– Nadine, Australia


Juliet is a Goddess! She has the incredible ability to harness the energy and wisdom of all the women in the room and to give each and every person there exactly what they needed (whether they knew it or not).

– Tavia, Australia

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