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3 steps to a kick ass meditation practice.

What’s your meditation practice?

For a lot of my clients, they admit that their meditation practice is a guided meditation as they fall asleep at the end of a long day. That’s fine, but I truly believe that there are layers to meditation.

1) My first tip is to empty anything that is on your mind on paper.


Because if you are going to get distracted you may as well clear the distractions as much as you can BEFORE you meditate. So, my best tip is to grab a pen and paper (or your journal if you have one) and write down everything. To do lists, things on your mind, worries, anything. Just empty your head, as you can come back to these things later. I tend to find, if people don’t clear their head of the clutter first, the clutter can interrupt the practice.

2) My second tip is to remember that it is a ‘practice’

You never ‘meditate perfectly’ and then stop having to practice. Each time we sit in meditation we are different. The practice is different. There are literally hundreds of different styles of meditation and each serves us at different times in our lives. I love sharing different styles of meditation and I’ll be sharing more on my Podcast as it continues.

3) My final tip is to meditate with others and on your own.

If you meditate alone, the power of a group meditation is quite remarkable. When I host retreats and workshops I love getting the group to meditate together. Last week, at my ‘Taste of Bali Melbourne’ event, you could almost hear a pin drop the group achieved such a peaceful state of stillness and serenity.

Yet, if you only ever meditate at the end of yoga class, guided or with groups, I encourage you to develop a solo practice. My ‘Meditation for Beginners’ ebook demonstrates some beautiful ways to meditate alone, and without the use of any aids.

My final word is, I am a firm believer of ‘quality’ over ‘quantity’ and a little meditation is better than none at all.

We live in an incredibly busy, past paced world filled with distractions. And even the fact that you chose to read this article all the way to the end demonstrates your ability to focus and center.

So, take a deep breath, put a smile on your beautiful face, and enjoy this week’s Podcast, let me know how you go with the meditation!

Juliet Lever

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