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“Welcome to The Dream Life Diary – Week 37”


– Journal entry, Wednesday 18 January 2017-

“How’s the book going Juliet?” she asked me.

“Oh… good,” I blurted out reactively… and then I took a deep breath, smiled at her and shared the truth.

“Actually, I suppose to be honest with you… if I imagined the book was my daughter, she is going through her awkward teenage phase.

She has braces with bands on them and her teeth aren’t in the straight phase yet.

She has a few zits, mood swings… and the body is a bit out of proportion… but I know I created her, and I love her very much! I just know she is going to grow into a beautiful woman soon!”

“Oh, that’s good… you’ll get through it!” she said reassuringly to me and then quickly changed the subject. 


We are nearly two and a half weeks into 2017.

Next month I leave to host my annual overseas Relaunch My Life retreat in Bali. A silent day, massages, palm reader, waterfall trip, bonfire with letting go ceremony, vegetarian meals, Relaunch My Life workshops and so much more.

I have been hosting a series of weekend workshops with Paul, and we had a lot of fun together last weekend at the ‘Redefining Relationships’ topic, where we shared stories of our own relationship ‘lessons’ and miscommunications in between teaching about Love Languages, Communication, Projections and much more.

Paul and I have a small ritual after all the attendees leave.

Once we have stacked up all the chairs, packed our things in the car we walk hand in hand across the road and lay down on the lush green grass opposite the venue.

Laying on the grass looking up at the balmy summer night sky we chat to each other, honestly reflecting on what we did well and what we could have improved. Presenting a self development workshop is something I never dreamed I could do with a life partner.

I still want to pinch myself sometimes at this life I have created for myself…

My yoga for beginners series is developing beautifully too. The women love the long class (2 hours), the self awareness they are developing and deep Yoga Nidra meditations I guide at the end. It feels amazing to hold this space and have a regular group coming together.

My coaching clients are progressing towards their goals and desired states beautifully. I received a big bunch of flowers from one of my clients yesterday which was so special and unexpected. The note with the flowers read “I tried to make them as bright and happy as you!”  

And then, beneath all of these amazing milestones and successes, there are two babies in my business I have been neglecting somewhat….

The first, is my book. The book stuck in the awkward teenage puberty stage. 

If I’m honest, I feel like I am at the stage where I take two steps forward, one step back. I guess that is what it probably feels like raising a teenage daughter!

But that’s okay. I accept myself, and I accept the growth process.

I know from so many life experiences now that everything uncomfortable I have ever experienced leads to something incredible.

So I trust that this process is happening as it’s meant to.

The second, is my online program.

Last year, I literally spent months building a 6 step online program called “Discover Yourself”.

It’s a beautiful interactive program of self discovery that I designed for women who are feeling the way I felt a few years ago. When I first started to find myself I felt very alone on my path… and I felt unsure what I should be doing next.

All I wanted was to have a way to understand my intuition, learn to relax and meditate and work on myself.

But I didn’t always want to read a book or have to go out as it wasn’t always convenient (and sometimes I was too afraid).

So, that’s why I created an online program to help women just like me understand themselves.

The program is accessed through a log in on my website and guides you through the following areas through a series of videos, activities and worksheets to learn:

  1. How to Create a Safe Space within (relax/learn to meditate)
  2. To Find Joy (reconnect with the things you love to do and see the positives in the negatives in life)
  3. Draw A Line in the Sand (Set boundaries in life and decide what you no longer want to accept)
  4. To Play (learn to be creative again in life)
  5. Design a 5 Star Day (Design a Daily Routine that truly feels amazing for YOU)
  6. Build Your Bucket List (Set a vision for your whole life)

Each step takes between 20-30 minutes to work through.

And what I tell my clients to do is sit down with a nice cup of tea and block out 30 minutes of ‘me time’ to complete one of the steps.

I lovingly talk through each step and it’s an incredibly soul nourishing self development practice.

I have completed my online program personally twice.

Each time I did it I felt a deeper sense of connection with myself, and what I truly wanted. Each time I did it I felt refocused and re-energised. I felt compassion towards myself and love and appreciation for all that I do…

In fact, all the women in the Private Facebook group feel a deeper sense of compassion for themselves too, because by doing a step of the program they are giving themselves undisturbed, dedicated ME time.

The online program is available forever once purchased, and I encourage everyone who has completed it to re-do it each year.

So, I know what I have to do….

I am starting my own online program again starting next week.


Because I LOVE reconnecting with myself, developing myself and I know how beautiful the process was completing it last year. And I know how powerful it is to set a routine of self development and self reconnection. And how the ripple effect of giving to ourselves means we can give more to others.

So, I am committing to a 30 minute personal development date with myself every Monday at 7.30pm.

And on Monday nights (starting the 23rd of January at 8pm (ACST)) I will be hosting a Facebook Live to share what benefits I got from the step.

Do you want to join me and commit to a 30 minute personal development date with yourself each week? 

Then, get started on the program at (you’ll be emailed the log in details instantly) and join the Member’s Only Facebook Group for all the event details. If you have the program already, just complete Step 1 sometime between now, keep an eye out for my posts in the Members Only Support Group on Facebook and Monday and log on to watch my Facebook Live on Monday at 8pm. 

It feels so incredibly good to make this commitment to myself.

It feels so good to invite you to join me in committing to yourself.

As always, 

Breathe, Go Slowly and Know That You’re Loved.

xx Juliet

Countdown to the first Facebook Live next Monday:


– Inspiration or Soul Nourishment –

“When a woman becomes her own best friend life is easier.”
Diane Von Furstenberg


– A question for your diary/journalling practice –


What areas of your life (or business) are you neglecting, and how can you give them more love and attention? 

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