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“Welcome to The Dream Life Diary – Week 30”


– Journal entry, Sunday 20 November 9pm-


20 November 2016 9pm

I am sitting on the loungeroom floor feeling calm and centered.

I’ve unpacked our bags from our weekend away in the Hunter Valley seeing Rodriguez at a Day on the Green and popped a load of washing on. Birds are chirping outside the kitchen window and there is a breeze coming through, I can feel that the evening air is still warm outside.

Tonight Paul and I swam together at the beach in Glenelg at sunset. I smiled watching Paul swimming in the water and instantly I got a flashback to a time when I was lying on the beach alone 3 years ago in Semaphore after work one afternoon…


You see, it was at the time when I was 27 years old and single for the first time in my adult life.

I was recently separated from my husband who I had been with since I was 16 years old.

I wasn’t feeling fulfilled in my job anymore, but didn’t know what I could do.


I can vividly recall feeling both free and stuck at the same time.


I logically knew was free in that I could ‘do anything’ I wanted to… but I felt stuck because my fears were keeping me where I was.


Fears of the unknown, fears of not being enough, financial fears, fears of being alone forever.


Yeah, I had them all.


I was scared, like a lost girl really, and really didn’t know who I was…I had been hiding from myself for so long.


I didn’t even know how to be alone. I would see friends after work, go to the gym, work late into the night, basically I would do anything to avoid being alone with myself and my fears.


Today, I can feel how different I am. And I am proud of the woman I have grown into. I truly am grateful for all the choices I have made, the lessons I have learned and most of all, for having the guts to relaunch my own life and walk this path where I guide others to live their highest potential also.


I think a lot of people I meet nowadays think I am just going to tell them to quit their job or end their marriage because that’s what I did.


For the record, I’m not telling anyone to do this!


I am saying:

  • You need to practice being self-aware.
  • You need to notice the patterns in your life.
  • You need to take time to reflect on your life and ask why what is happening is happening to you.
  • You need silence and time for stillness to let your intuition speak to you.
  • You need to define what reaching your highest potential in life truly means to you.


The answer isn’t always to ‘quit your job’ or just to ‘break up’. 


Sure, that’s what I did, but only after I had learned all the lessons and my intuition was screaming so loudly at me it was impossible to ignore. Sometimes people realise these things need to change themselves AFTER following the above steps. Sometimes people realise it isn’t their job or their relationship that needs to change at all.


Slowly, as I peeled back the layers and the fears that were holding me back I started to find myself, my voice and my self-confidence.


Sometimes in life by knowing what we don’t want, we can easily define what we do want.


I realised that in order to reach my highest potential in life I definitely didn’t just want another ‘normal job’. And I didn’t just want a typical ‘get married, settle down and have kids’ type relationship.


I knew deep down that I wanted to be of service to this world on a bigger scale, but I had no idea how or what that would look like, or what I could even offer. I also knew I wanted a relationship with a life partner who could support me to be of service to this world on a bigger scale.


I realised that all I really had to offer the world was my story of my own transformation.


And so, Relaunch My Life was born.


I relaunched my own life – completely.


And so, sharing my personal journey has become enmeshed with my business and although I am used to it… at times it is a rather vulnerable way to live.


But it’s also deeply authentic.


Because I cannot ever hide from you in these words, my dear reader.


My transparency is a gift to help you shine light on your shadows.


So – stop hiding, and stand in your light.


Because I can see who you are.


I see your true potential.


And I know what you are capable of beneath all those fears.


As always, Breathe, Go Slowly and Know That You’re Loved.

xx Juliet


– Inspiration or Soul Nourishment –

“The greatest gift you can ever give another person is your own happiness”
― Esther Hicks


– A question for your diary/journalling practice –


What conversation or decision are you avoiding?

Make your future self a promise to face this today.



The Dream Life Diary is written by Juliet Lever, International Lifestyle Redesign Expert and Retreat Facilitator.

THE DREAM LIFE DIARY – a boost of three quick elements of inspiration for you every single Monday.

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