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“Welcome to The Dream Life Diary – Week 23”


– Journal entry, Sunday 18th September 2016-

Yesterday was f*cking amazing.

19 glorious women joined me in Adelaide for the Discover Your Highest Potential workshop – a lifechanging day of dreaming up our bucket lists, sharing our prides and successes and empowerment. The feedback I received tells me it was my best workshop to date. Every time I present I am getting sharper, clearer and far more intuitive.

I know why this is.

I gave to myself.

On Friday, I realised I needed the whole day to myself to prepare mentally, emotionally and physically for the space I was going to hold for these women to connect, heal and be inspired to live life to their highest potential.

I booked myself in for a massage and unwound.

Yesterday I was open. And the day was incredible. Actually it was f*cking amazing. Only the 20 of us will know the magic and transformations we collectively experienced in the room that day.

I truly believe as one woman heals we all heal. As one woman transforms we all transform. As one woman feels empowered, we all connect to that feeling too.

The room was full and so many of the participants said ‘wow, I have NEVER experienced an environment like the space you created Juliet. So safe, so empowering and so motivating!’

Today, I have also given myself the gift of a day of being home and nourishing myself.

I’m going to go for a walk, and set up the 10 women who signed up to continue to do inner work with my online ‘Discover Yourself’ program yesterday on my system. As I look lovingly at the stack of order forms next to me I can feel the women’s gratitude at being able to maintain the connection and inner work that we started yesterday.

When I painstakingly poured my heart and soul into this online program (and set aside my deep seated perfectionism issues) I had no idea it would make such a difference to so many women. Now I am truly proud of it, and excited about all the women who will be joining my monthly member’s support calls. All women who want to work on their internal worlds, put themselves first and allow magic and opportunity into their lives.

I realise now (after SO many workshops where I ran myself ragged) that I honestly do need a day either side of the workshops just to clear my energy and restore.

In the past I would have overloaded myself, forced myself to go to Paul’s course and felt drained. And that would have robbed the women of the powerful experience we had yesterday.

I get it.

Give to myself = everyone benefits.

This came up as a bit of a theme on the day, that by saying Yes to others, we are sometimes saying No to ourselves.

And by saying No to others we in fact are saying ‘Yes’ to ourselves and our own needs. So many of the women’s take away was to start saying no more.

Your dreams, values and needs are important. Unmet, they can surface in negative emotions, resentment and stress/exhaustion.

But no one can do this for us.

We have to stand up for ourselves. Only we know when our tanks are empty or full.

When we don’t give ourselves enough energy, it’s like having a big fat ‘ENGAGED’ sign on a toilet door. The universe won’t be able to give you any amazing opportunities. Even though it really, really wants to!

Only once you have enough energy to give will the universe bring you what you are seeking.

That goes for relationships too.

The amount of times I meet women who say they want to find their partner or soulmate, but their energy screams at me that they haven’t yet mastered the art of giving their own precious time to themselves – will protect them from a relationship that would further promote that. Or other clients who say they are wanting to start a new business but they are stuck in a rut of giving all their energy to their work. Call it self-sabotage, or call it self-protection, it’s the same thing really.

So, check in with yourself now, is your energy clear and open and receptive?

Or is it blocked, closed, stressed and defensive as a result of giving everything to others and not enough to yourself?

Remember, you are the only one who has to live every single day of your life with the decisions you are making every day.

You get to share every meal with yourself, enjoy every sunset and you will be the one by your side when you take your last breath…

So enjoy the art of nourishing and caring for yourself. Fall madly, deeply in love with yourself.

And just see what magic will flow into your life…

xx  Breathe, Go Slowly and Know That You’re Loved xx



– Inspiration or Soul Nourishment –

My gift to you this week is a link to an 8 minute ‘receptivity’ meditation recorded by me designed to help you open, unwind and receive:

P.S. There are 1440 minutes in every day, you can find 8 minutes to give to yourself to listen to this…


– A question for your diary/journalling practice –


What do you need to say NO to this week? Choose 2 things. And then see what magic happens in the space that creates!

What do you want to say YES to, to invest in yourself and giving back to you? Choose 2 things. And then see what magic happens in the intention of that loving focused energy.


The Dream Life Diary is written by Juliet Lever, International Lifestyle Redesign Expert and Retreat Facilitator.

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