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“I can completely relate to you saying that you only have enough energy to pour yourself a big glass of red and watch TV at the end of the day!” I told one of the women in my online program last week.

Yes, I can remember just what Mondays used to be like before I started redesigning my life…

I told her it was generally the start of a long week of pressure, meetings and feeling pretty exhausted at the end of every day.

It was through this conversation, that I realised that what we need most throughout life is a new thought, timely inspiration and time to pause and reflect.

So, here you have it – THE DREAM LIFE DIARY – a boost of three quick elements of inspiration for you every single Monday starting from today.

  1. DREAM – A real, raw, journal entry from my personal journey in the past week
  2. LIFE – Something in the world that has inspired me or nourished my soul this week
  3. DIARY – A question for you to reflect upon to boost your own diary/journalling practice


– Journal entry, Sunday 17th April 2016 –

“It’s exactly two weeks until my 30th birthday, I just got home from dancing this morning at 5 Rhythms and I couldn’t be in a better place. I am proud of myself in so many ways, since starting my first journal on my 27th birthday my life is completely different.

I can still remember writing the first sentence in my first ever journal nearly 3 years ago…

I felt old back then. God, I was so disconnected from my stiff, tired body and very unaware of my feelings and what my soul desired. 

While I was dancing this morning I could feel every corner of my body was alive.

I felt like my soul was alive. 

The beautiful part is at the same time I am calm and welcoming about getting older and seeing my life unfold. I have set up an amazing foundation for myself and my future, and it has only taken 2-3 years. Now I am really starting to enjoy this journey. It’s been tough. But so, so worth it. 

My life is truly incredible and I am grateful to myself for everything I have overcome to get to this place. 



– Inspiration or Soul Nourishment –

The soul nourishment and inspiration this week is from ‘THE BHAGAVAD GITA” and is a simple sentence,

“We are kept from our goal not by obstacle but by a clear path to a lesser goal.”


– A question for your diary/journalling practice – 

QUESTION: What is something you are wearing right now that is symbolic to you, and why is it so important? 

My answer is : Whilst I was in Bali I did a lot of inner work on my heart. Namely, being more receptive and open to receiving love. Then when I returned home, Paul gave me two beautiful gifts. The first, is a bracelet with a diamond turtle pendant on it. This turtle represents for me to go slowly and take my time. He also gave me a ring in the shape of a snowflake, which to me symbolises knowing that I am deeply loved. It also serves as a reminder for me to stay open to love. 

So, now when I look down at my tattoo on my left wrist that reminds me to ‘breathe‘, across at the turtle on my right wrist symbolising to ‘go slowly’ and the ring on my right hand reminding me that I am loved, I think the following mantra…. 


What better reminder could one have on the journey of building your dream life?

Breathe Go Slowly Quote

The Dream Life Diary is written by Juliet Lever, International Lifestyle Redesign Expert and Retreat Facilitator.

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