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So, what’s your morning routine?

Do you yawn, drag yourself to the shower and slurp some coffee to give you enough energy to run out the door and let whatever the day brings just throw itself at you?

Or do you start worrying about everything you have to do that day and forget to take a moment to breathe?

That used to be me in another lifetime.

Now that I work for myself, I have set myself up with a routine to ensure I maintain focus, motivation and discipline in order to make the most of every day.

Time is so precious and you will never get today back… So make it count!

In this video I am explaining the Relaunch My Life routine that I’ve been doing every day for the past month and why it’s SO BENEFICIAL to my life and a real key to the momentum and success I am experiencing at the moment.

The Relaunch My Life Routine is:

First hour upon waking:

– 30 minutes movement (anything you feel like!)

– 20 minutes of meditation (however it works best for you)

– 10 minutes of goalsetting/visualisation

WATCH THE VIDEO HERE **Language Warning** :

Reach your full potential. Find fulfilment and happiness. Follow your dreams.

It’s never too late to relaunch your life.”

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Juliet Lever

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